Gajar Halwa(Carrot Sweet Dessert)

 Gajar Halwa (Carrot Sweet Dessert)

Gajar Halwa(Carrot Sweet Dessert) is a traditional North Indian Dessert. Generally in India Carrots are used in Salads,Curries,Stew and Sambar. There are various methods in cooking Gajar Halwa(Carrot Sweet Dessert) frying grated carrot in large amount of ghee and adding small amount of milk,some cook carrots in milk and temper it with ghee and dry fruits.I will show you the mixed version of two and very simple to cook in pressure cooker…So, lets start


Carrots(Gajar)- 1 kg

Sugar-3 Cups(standard cup 250grms)or according to taste

Milk-2 Cups

Clarified butter or Ghee-1/4 cup


Cashew Nuts-20


Cardamom powder-1 Tbsp

Preparations & METHOD:

  1. Wash and peel the outer skin of carrots(generally there is lot of dust in the first layer of carrots,if  don’t want to peel the skin,atleast scrap with knife) finely grate carrots or you can use food processor  with fine blade. 
  2. Add the grated carrots in pressure cooker ,add milk  close the lid and cook for upto 3 whistles.
  3. Let  the cooker pressure come down on its own and open the lid ,if you find it in still liquid form evaporate all the liquid with open lid by cooking for some more time.
  4. When you find thick  paste of carrots its time to add sugar and mix well. When you add sugar it releases it own moisture try to evaporate this by cooking and stirring continuously.
  5. Cut the dry fruits in thin slices and fry them in ghee.
  6. Taste the sweetness and adjust the sugar accordingly. If you add sugar do not forget to evaporate all the liquid.
  7. Its now ready…add cardamom powder and give a mix ..Garnish with fried nuts..Enjoy!!!
Gajar Halwa(Carrot Sweet Dessert 
Gajar Halwa(Carrot Sweet Dessert)


  • Serves 10-12 sweet serving bowls.
  • For extra flavour you can add milk khoya.


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