In this Section I tried to cover all the  FAQs related to Cooking.Try to find your Question here..Still doesn't find Ask me your Queries I try to answer within 24 hours...


1.Do I need Expertise in cooking to become a very good cook?

Answer: For me the answer in No. In any job you must have interest and love to do so, same rule applies to cooking also. When you love to cook you automatically explore the things/recipes comes to your way.So, whenever you want to give a try at cooking be sure you analyse every basic ingredient in the recipe.

2.How can I avoid food borne illness and food poisoning?


  • Wash your hands before cooking/eating.
  • Cook the food to proper temperatures.
  • Refrigerate foods promptly if you prepare food for short batches use.
  • Read manufacture and expiry date for every .food product you buy.
  • Avoid cross contamination.

3.How long should I keep left over food?


  • Maximum 3-4 days with proper refrigeration and covered properly.
  • Reheat at least at 165° degrees before consuming.

4.How do I stop my pasta sticking together?


  • Be sure you take double quantity of water that of pasta.
  • Boil until you get hot bubbles in water before adding your pasta.
  • The pot/vessel should be much bigger to cook pasta evenly.