Weight & Measures

Recipes from different part of the world uses different units of measurements.This page is a guide to those that are most commonly use in cooking.


Basic Ingredients


1 cup flour=229 grams=16 Tablespoons(Tbsp)=48 Teaspoons(tsp)

3/4 cup flour=171 grams=12 Tablespoons(Tbsp)=36 Teaspoons(tsp)

1/2 cup flour=114 grams=8 Tablespoons(Tbsp)=24 Teaspoons(tsp)

1/4 cup flour=57 grams=4 Tablespoons(Tbsp)=12 Teaspoons(tsp )

*weight may change according to method used.Above is ‘dip and sweap’ method.

 Granulated Sugar

1 cup=200 grams

3/4 cup=150 grams

2/3 cup=135 grams

1/2 cup= 100 grams

1/3 cup=70 grams

1/4= 50 grams

Powdered Sugar

1 cup=160 grams

3/4 cup=120 grams

1/2 cup= 80 grams

1/4= 40 grams

*weight may change according to method used.Above is ‘spoon and level’ method. *Pinch or Dash= less than 1/8 tsp


1 cup butter= 2 sticks=8 ounces=230 grams

1/2 cup butter=1 stick=4 ounces=115 grams

Heavy Cream 1 cup=235 grams

3/4 cup=175 grams

1/2 cup= 115 grams

1/4 cup= 60 grams

1 Tablespoon=15 grams


1 gallon=4 Quarts=8 pints=16 cups=128 fl oz

1/2 gallon=2 Quarts=4 pints=8 cups=64 fl oz

1/4 gallon=2 Quarts=4 pints=86 cups=32 fl oz




2 Quart Saucepan useful for making sauces for one person.

4 Quart Saucepan useful for making stews and soups for 2-3 people.

6″and 10″ pan useful for  stir fries,vegetables,grilling,braising for 1-2 people.

8″ pan useful for  frying eggs,fish vegetables,braising for 1-2 people.


Celsius(‘c) Gas Mark Fahrenheit(‘F) Description
11o 1/4 225 Very slow
120/130 1/2 250 Very slow
140 1 275 Slow
150 2 300 Slow
160/170 3 325 Moderate 
180 4 360 Moderate
190 5 375 Moderately Hot
200/210 6 400 Moderatley Hot
220 7 425 Hot
230 8 450 Hot
240 9 475 Very Hot


It is a good idea to measure foods so you know exactly how much you are eating. But if measuring cups or a food scale isn’t available,you can estimate your portion size.

  • One fist is approximately 8 fluid ounces of cold and hot beverages, or 1 cup of broccoli or mashed potatoes.
  • One hand cupped  is about 1/2 cup of pasta,rice ,hot cereal,fruit salad,beans,okra,tofu,or cottage cheese or 1 ounce of nuts.
  • Two hand cupped is  about 1 cup of cold cereal,soup,salad,and mixed dishes like casseroles.
  • A deck of cards or the palm of your hand  is about 3 ounces of cooked meat,such as hamburger patty,chicken breast or fish fillet.
  • A medium apple or other fruit is about the size of tennis ball. 1 ounce of cheese is about the size of 4 dice.
  • 1/2 cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt is about size of tennis ball. 1 teaspoon of butter or peanut butter is about the size of the tip of your thumb.
  • Two thumbs together is about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter ,salad,dressing,sour cream,mayonnaise, or dip.


All the above information is not related to health/nutritional value. It is for the representation in the cooking purpose only.