Let's start making traditional sweet "Meethe Sutriyaan" or Ghode A healthy sweet made from wheatflour and jaggery.

Boil 1/2 cup of Bengal gram Make syrup from 2cups of Jaggery

Make a dough of 2cups wheatflour Divide into 4 equal portions Roll each portion into thin roti Cut into small pieces as shown

Make a star shape of each piece by holding opposite corners and joining them to centre

Repeat the process with all the cut pieces  made from each portion Dust the wheatflour on the pieces to avoid sticking. Let them dry for 5minutes

In a vessel heat 4Tbsp of ghee and roast dry coconut pieces till golden brown Make sure you don't burn them

Add 3Tbsp of wheatflour

Fry till nice aroma comes and golden brown color avoid burning

Add 2 litres of water

Bring to boil and add all the  star dumplings which we made

Mix well and cook for upto 10 mins stirring in between

Add 1/2 cup milk stir well

Also add cooked Bengal gram, mix well

Add jaggery syrup by straining Mix well and simmer for 2mins.

Serve hot and Enjoy!!!