About Us


Greeting and Salutations, Iam a Homemaker. Born in Andhra Pradesh,India. Living in Hyderabad, India. I am here to help for people like just married couple, students in abroad, don’t know what & how to cook etc. If you love  Indian & Continental food, Veg & Non Veg, this website is very helpful for you. I try to upload new recipe posts  every week on KitchenHash, For new cooking recipes subscribe me on my site and follow me on Facebook Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Thank You.
KitchenHash food recipes in Indian style dishes, it is full of food choices such as healthy seafood dinner, breakfast, have a good dinner, Chinese food , how to make arabic food, easy snacks, best milkshakes, easy smoothie recipes, dessserts, simple cakes to bake and many more. So, if you are a newlywed couple, student in abroad looking for soup ideas for dinner, or just planning to surprise your mum and dad with a healthy breakfast on the go and not too sure what & how to cook, then keep your eyes on FOOD MANIAC. Full written recipe in English find on my website .Stay tuned …many more recipes to come.

What Inspires Me to Cook

After my marriage I am relatively new to cooking. Though my Mom is very good cook. I got married immediate after my graduation, so there’s no chance to learn form my Mom. So, as I learn, its been a chance to explore new recipes on the internet. Feeding me and my hubby is a necessary  part of my day, but now its become a creative thing for me. Every evening I decide to cook new recipes  to keep my family happy.

I can’t say that a lot things really inspire me to cook. But, the few things that have sent my hands in the direction of the kitchen. Sometimes the sight of food on tv/movie/commercial. Here I want to mention Vachef,  who really enjoys his cooking and inspires everyone to cook. He is one of the big inspiration for me to cook. The other thing is cooking for others, though, is totally a function of relationships. Sharing food is seriously the best way I know to affection. If it makes them smile its totally worth it. So, cooking for me is an expression of feeling for others. I always cook with others in mind, like how my food will affect them and how their feelings change what I want to cook.

Behind this Blog

Reading food blogs (which keep me inspired to try new things as well) and watching food network, mostly. I sometimes glance at cook books in the bookstore but for the most part I use the web for recipes. It’s kind of fun to punch in a handful ingredients, into google and seeing what comes up!

So, I thought what inspires me most though is following food blogs, this made me to start my own blog.., So, here I am and be a part of my journey….Wish me All The Best!!!..