Chicken Rezala

Chicken Rezala

Savor the Exquisite Flavor of Chicken Rezala: A Creamy Indian Delicacy

Chicken Rezala is a classic and delectable Indian dish that originated in the culinary traditions of Bengal, India. This dish is known for its rich, creamy, and mildly spiced white gravy. It offers a perfect balance of flavors, combining the richness of yogurt, the fragrance of aromatic spices, and the tenderness of chicken pieces.

Explore the rich and creamy world of Chicken Rezala, a sumptuous Indian dish featuring tender chicken in a luxurious yogurt-based gravy. Learn how to prepare this culinary masterpiece, perfect for special occasions or when you crave a taste of authentic Indian cuisine. Discover the Chicken Rezala recipe here and elevate your dining experience.



Chicken-1½kilo(with bone, medium pieces)


Ghee or Butter-2Tbsp

Ginger Garlic Paste-3Tbsp

Curd-250ml or 2cups

White Pepper Powder-2tsp

Salt-a/c taste

Onions-3 medium size


Poppy Seeds-2Tbsp


Bay leaf-1

Dry Red Chillies-4

For Masala:

Black pepper corns-2tsp

Green cardamom-4

Maze(Javitri)-2 small pieces

Coriander Seeds-1ts


Kewra Water-2tsp


  • Wash Chicken thoroughly and drain water completely.
  • To a mixing bowl add Chicken, Salt, Ginger-Garlic paste, Curd, White Pepper Powder mix well and marinate for 15-20 minutes.
  • Roughly chop onions and make a fine paste with little salt and oil.
  • Take small grinder add ingredients mentioned in Masala part, make into fine Powder with little salt, set aside.
  • Soak Cashews and Poppy seeds and make into fine paste.


  1. Heat Oil and Ghee in a pot add cinnamon, Bay leaf, Dry red chillies, saute for a while.
  2. Add fine grounded onion paste. Fry till light golden brown color.
  3. Add 3Tbsp of curd and marinated chicken, mix well cook until chicken is 80% done.
  4. Add cashew and poppy seeds paste mix well and cook till chicken is 100% done.
  5. Add half of the dry spice powder which we made earlier mix well and simmer for 2mins till oil oozes out.
  6. Chicken Rezala is ready. Serve hot with paratha and Enjoy!!!



  • Serves 5-6.
  • Goes well with Paratha, Naan, Pulao, Jeer Rice.

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