Achari Chicken

Achari Chicken

Achari Chicken

Achari Chicken: A Tangy Twist on Classic Chicken Curry

Savor the bold and zesty flavors of Achari Chicken, a delightful twist on traditional chicken curry. This aromatic dish features succulent chicken pieces marinated in a tangy and spicy pickle-inspired sauce, creating a culinary experience that’s both exciting and satisfying. Try our Achari Chicken recipe today and embark on a flavorful journey like no other.

Today I am making this dish in bulk quantity. You can adjust the ingredients as per your requirement.

Achari Chicken


For Achari Masala:

Cumin Seeds-1Tbsp

Coriander Seeds-1Tbsp

Fenugreek Seeds-½tsp

Nigella Seeds(kalonji)-½tsp

For Marination:

Mustard Oil-100ml

Soy Sauce-2Tbsp

Mustard sauce-100grams

Red Chilli Sauce-100grams

Green Chilli Sauce- 100grams

Worcestershire Sauce-50grams



Ginger Garlic Paste-400grams

Rock Salt-2Tbsp or a/c taste

Chat masala-1Tbsp

White Pepper Powder- 1Tbsp

Red Food Color-1tsp (Optional)

Garam masala-1½Tbsp

Black Pepper Powder-1Tbsp


Red Chilli Powder-5Tbsp

Green Chillies-6 crushed


Cooking Oil-250ml

Coriander leaves-few

Lemon-2 squeezed

For Tempering:

Fresh Curry leaves-1bunch

Cumin Seeds-1tsp

Mustard Seeds-1tsp

Nigella Seeds-½tsp

Fenugreek Seeds-½tsp

Dry Red Chillies-15


  • Wash the chicken and dry out the water completely.
  • Make a coarse powder of ingredients mentioned in “Achari Masala”.


  1. Take a Large vessel, add the chicken pieces.
  2. Add ginger garlic paste, salt, grinded “Achari Masala”, chat masala, white pepper powder, food color, garam masala, black pepper powder, turmeric.
  3. Add red chilli powder, crushed green chillies, or as per your taste, curd.
  4. All sauces(soy, mustard, red chilly, green chilly, Worcestershire), vinegar, mustard oil.
  5. Mix well with hand, add cooking oil and turn on the flame.
  6. Add 2-3 glass water, cover and cook till chicken gets tender, stirring in between without burning.
  7. Open the lid and adjust the consistency and salt.
  8. Add Coriander leaves and lemon juice and mix well, turn off the flame.
  9. Take a wok heat oil, add mustard and cumin seeds splutter them, add fenugreek, nigella seeds fry for a sec add curry leaves, red chillies turn off the flame and pour over the cooked chicken…your Achari Chicken is ready..serve and Enjoy!!!


  • Serves up 25 people.
  • Goes well with Rumali Roti, Naan, Pulao.
  • Always adjust the salt because the sauces we added have the salt.




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