Drumsticks Daal

Delicious Drumsticks Daal Recipe | Flavorful Lentil Curry

Learn how to make a mouthwatering Drumsticks Daal with our easy-to-follow recipe. This flavorful lentil curry is a perfect blend of spices and drumstick pods, creating a wholesome and satisfying meal for your family.


Pigeon peas (Tuvar daal) -1cup

Drumsticks -3



Garlic-3 pods

Curry leaves-1strands

Coriander leaves-1small bunch


Red chilly powder-3tsp

Salt-a/c taste

Tamarind-Lemon sized

For tempering:


Mustard seeds-1tsp

Cumin Seeds-1tsp



Curry leaves-1strand


  • Wash and soak pigeon peas(Tuvar daal) for 30 minutes.
  • Soak tamarind and extract pulp. Set aside.
  • Make 1′ inch pieces of drumsticks, soak in salt water.


  1. Take a pressure cook add soaked daal, 2cups water.
  2. Add turmeric, garlic, 1tsp salt, sliced ½ onion, curry leaves, ½bunch coriander leaves, chopped tomatoes, give it a mix.
  3. Close the lid and cook for up to 4-5 whistles or until daal is 90% done.
  4. Let the pressure of cooker comes down. Open lid add drumsticks pieces, red chilly powder, check the water, add if necessary. Close the lid and again cook for 2 whistles more.
  5. Let the pressure of cooker comes down. Open lid takeout drumsticks pieces gently.
  6. Add tamarind pulp and salt, adjust the consistency, add another ½ bunch coriander leaves, drumsticks, mix gently and give it a nice boil.
  7. Take another wok, heat oil and add mustard and cumin seeds, crackle them.
  8. Add garlic,½sliced onion, brown them, now add curry leaves.
  9. Add ladle full boiled daal close the lid immediately to incorporate the tempering.
  10. Open lid and add remaining daal, give one boil. switch off the flame. Serve hot and Enjoy!!!


  • Serves 4-5.
  • Goes well with hot steamed rice, ghee and pickle.

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